Title : Colours of Africa
Release Date : January 19, 2012
Catalog ref. : 01192012
Format : CD


I love Sonnie Badu’s music. It’s very versatile and easy to listen to. The songs on this album are beyond powerful and filled with grace. My favorite track is the Hymn Review. I get goosebumbs. It allows me to worship my creator in many ways. The spirit of God immediately fills my room whenever I play this album. During my darkest days, these songs lift my spirit from the pits of sorrow and I find joy and comfort. Best part of it is that you don’t have to be African to love these songs. After all we are all God’s children. The love of God speaks only one language. This album is also good for those that are new to Christianity. Sonnie is a modern contemporary artist that understands the needs of the youth and younger generation. Get your dancing shoes on! The Afro Praise tracks on this album are incredibly fun. And if you’re into acapella…you name it this album has it all! ~ Sonnie Badu Fan Club