Over the years the renowned Dr. Sonnie Badu has been honoured with several awards for his philanthropist work across the world. From donating to homeless children, providing support to widows, helping develop schools in remote areas and to the building of orphanages. All these resulting from a promise he made to God for honouring him. Below are some of the current and upcoming projects currently being worked on by God’s grace.

The Badu Foundation

Becoming a partner with The Badu Foundation Is simply making a commitment to regularly support the charity. Our organization is committed to Providing quality care education, and support to orphans, widows and others that are vulnerable, we have chosen not to forget such individuals in need, which is why we are committed to helping people change their lives for the better

The Hope Orphange

Dr. Sonnie Badu has been given the God given mandate as an ambassador of ‘The Hope Orphanage’ in Cape Coast Ghana to change lives and help the needy fulfill their destiny . Dr. Badu ensures that funds are raised for as many of the less privileged children that he comes across. We strengthen the lives and the future of children by enhancing their mental health, spiritual life, physical well-being and finally providing them with an education.

Our vision
It is our desire to give hope to children families in Africa, By meeting their basic needs. We in the western world take so much for granted, and I feel that those of us who live a privileged lifestyle have to make it our duty to give back. By expanding on what we already put in place will see that our vision becomes a reality, in the lives of many. Each year, a great number of homeless children are turned away from Orphanages because they simply do not have enough rooms available. Our aim is to increase the number of compounds by 2020, with your support we can open new Orphanages, and expand the existing ones. We also provide financial assistance for windows especially those struggling to take care of children.