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Sonnie Badu Ministries is a registered charity organization in the UK.

Registered with charity number 112 5745 .


It is our desire to give hope to children and families in Africa, and we wish to achieve this by meeting their basic needs. We in the western world take so much for granted, and I feel that those of us who live a privileged lifestyle have to make it a part of our lifestyle to give back. At Sonnie Badu Ministries, by expanding what we have already put in place, we will see to it that our vision becomes a reality, in the lives of many. Each year, a great number of homeless children are turned away from orphanages and this is because they simply do not have enough rooms available to take on such kids. Our aim is to increase the numbers of compounds housing these orphans by 2020, and we believe that with your support we can open new orphanages, and expand the existing ones. We also provide financial assistance to widows, especially those ones that are struggling to take care of their children.




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